Humanity is Better with God – Letters in The Courier

Letter: Rev Robertson’s God delusion
The Courier & Advertiser 1 May 2015

Sir, – I would like to thank Rev David Robertson and Mr Stuart Wishart for their answers to my question: “If God created all mankind, by definition, he also created people of the LGBT nature as well. So why would he punish them for being what he created?”My question was sparked by an earlier article in The Courier which highlighted the constantly declining numbers of church congregations, often accelerated by their refusal to accept gay ministers, but denied, irrespective of facts, by many including Mr Robertson.

Of course, the real answer is that God only exists in the minds of his believers.Otherwise, why did we have two world wars within 20 years of each other and against the same country, in which millions of people died? Had an all-powerful God really existed, we would not have any wars at…

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