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by Gregory A. Wills
From The Southern Seminary Magazine,
November 2000 (Volume 68, Number 4), pages 13-15

Baptists have adopted creeds throughout their history. They probably have adopted creeds more than any other denomination. Baptist churches by the tens of thousands adopted a confession of faith when they constituted as a church. Some thousands of Baptist associations have similarly adopted their own confessions.

When critics of creeds raised their objections, Baptist leaders in earlier times answered that Baptists generally adopted creeds in their churches and associations because they were necessary to carrying out the church’s mission. John Taylor, the great Separate Baptist preacher of the Kentucky frontier, said that “in every church in its constitution” the members should agree upon some creed. He estimated that nine out of ten of the Baptist churches in Virginia and Kentucky had adopted “what may properly be called a creed.” Thomas Meredith, longtime editor…

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