Books for the Student of Church History

Zwinglius Redivivus

Here, here, here, and here.  V&R continue to do great work.  And the volumes in the R5AS (Refo500 Academic Series) are extremely helpful.

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht is official project partner of Refo500 and has started an academic book series within Refo500 focussing on the religious, theological, political, social, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Reformation. In this series, monographs and thematic collections will be published in English, German and French. The series is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, international cooperation, and a high scholarly level. Manuscript proposals can be sent to Herman Selderhuis, the general editor of the series. The editorial board consists of:

Günter Frank (Melanchthonakademie, Bretten), Bruce Gordon (Yale University, New Haven), Ute Lotz-Heumann (The Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson), Mathijs Lamberigts (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Barbara Mahlmann-Bauer (University of Berne), Tarald Rasmussen (University of Oslo), Johannes Schilling (University…

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