GBC Israel Trip 2015, Day 10 – Crossing the Red Sea

Reading Acts

Just a quick report today. We crossed back into Israel this morning by 10AM at the Aqaba/Eilat border crossing. The transfer went absolutely smoothly and our guide Ash was very professional in helping us on the Jordanian side.

We drove to the Coral Beach National Park at let the student snorkel for a few hours. The beach was quite cool and the water was frigid, but the students had a great time swimming. I expect the go-pro videos will be posted eventually. All I managed to do is fry the heck out of my legs. I let the kids have some shopping time in Eilat and then we headed north to Tamar.

It was still quite hot when we arrived, but as usual the temperature drops after sundown. There was a light breeze, so we gathered in the sukkah next to the cafeteria and had a time of sharing. Many…

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