The General Election: Scotland’s Revolution

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If the result of the General Election in the UK as a whole was somewhat of a surprise and a bit of a bloody nose for the pollsters, the results in Scotland are a revolution.

The numbers are staggering. The Scottish National Party has moved from six to 56 seats (out of 59). The Tories retained their one seat in the Scottish Borders, the Liberal Democrats lost 10 of their 11 seats (retaining only Orkney and Shetland) and Labour lost 40 of its 41 Scottish seats, just managing to hold on to Edinburgh South. Seats in which Labour votes could be weighed rather than counted have all turned SNP. The youngest MP since 1667 is Mhairi Black of the SNP aged 20. Twenty of the 56 SNP MPs are women.

 But these stark numbers don’t tell the whole story. As someone who has lived in Scotland for…

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