On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Pope Innocent IV was born in 1195 in Genoa, Italy. He became a Catholic priest and scholar and was elected as Pope in 1243.


On May 9, 1244 Innocent IV issue a papal bull [bulla – the seal on papal decrees] to French King Louis IX entitled Impia judoerum perfidia [the unpious treachery of the Jews]. This phrase is a popular epithet against the Jews, calling them a “perfidious” race.

Louis9_Innocentius4_Cluny Innocent IV meets with French king Louis IX, with the Cluny monastery in June 1248

Pope Innocent IV explains that Jesus tolerates Christians and Jews living together, but only in the expectation that the Jews will eventually convert to Christianity. He goes on to say:

“For their part, these ungrateful do not admit [and none repent] their errors and do not revere the honor of the Christian faith.

They have abandoned the law of Moses and the Prophets, following…

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