A Brave Mama: Your Story

My Story, My Song

We’ve been blessed to read some wonderful stories of courage and bravery this week. We’ve seen some mamas who are extraordinarily brave!

And I know what some of you moms are thinking…”I’m not that brave.

Yes, you are.

Everyday motherhood takes courage. I never knew just how much until I took my first son home from the hospital. The night before we left, we had a discharge session with a seasoned nurse. As she went over item after item on the “could happen” list, my heart began to pound. And I’ll never forget how I felt when she said, “Now–when he gets sick…”

This huge shadow of fear fell over me and followed me as I was wheeled out of that hospital. I looked at the world with new eyes. Every other car on the road was a threat. Every person who sneezed, who touched my baby, who

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