Magne Sæbø (Ed.) Hebrew Bible/Old Testament – I/2 – From the Beginnings to the Middle Ages Part 2, The Middle Ages

Zwinglius Redivivus

The previous review in this series can be found on the main page of this review series itself.  As I suggested there,

…  it is no exaggeration to say that the early volumes (of which this is simply the first) have stood the test of time and read as freshly and insightfully as they did in their early days.   It is also fair to say that the early volumes have been thoroughly reviewed and analyzed.  Unfortunately, many of the early reviews appeared before the heady days of the internet and as a consequence the two early portions (I/1 and I/2) cannot be found in the Review of Biblical Literature’s online archives.

As a consequence, the remarks which follow will need to be compared to those earlier reviews in order to afford potential readers the fullest picture of these volumes.  My view of them remains as positive as…

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