Creationism Ban Petition Rejected by Scottish Government.

This is good news – the Scottish Secular Society have failed in their petition to get the Scottish Government to ban creationism – the following report appeared in the Herald.  For the background to the story – see the following links:

The Herald’s report is as follows:

Formal ban on teaching of creationism rejected

The Herald 13 May 2015

CALLS for an official ban on the teaching of young earth creationism in science lessons in Scottish schools have been kicked out by MSPs.

Politicians from across the political spectrum agreed it was unnecessary for the Scottish Government to introduce new guidance on the issue.Instead, MSPs from the Scottish Parliament’s education committee said schools should rely on the professionalism of teachers and the existing inspection regime to ensure such theories were not taught as scientific fact.

Last year, the Scottish Secularist Society (SSS) urged ministers to…

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