According to what?

The Lions Den

According to the weatherman, there was zero chance of rain on Tuesday. Yep, it rained on Tuesday.  According to the pundits, Mr. Obama was supposed to be a messiah. Yea, like that weather forecast worked out well.  Opinions are a dime a dozen, and many fall short when handled by ‘professionals.’

According to the Pew report…………..according to millenials…….according to Boston police………according to the Supreme Court……….yep, opinions, all according to our reasoned or unreasonable  perceptions.

Everybody has them, some better than others; others worse than most. Frank’s opinion is better than Mary’s. Mary’s opinion is better than Jill’s. Jill’s opinion on same-sex marriage is not as good as Frank’s opinion on bird-watching. Mary’s opinion on bow hunting is good, but not as good as Jim’s opinion on cell phones, but certainly better than Frank’s opinion on how to sew a button, but not as good as Jill’s opinion on the color blue.

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