Tongues, Healing and Prophecy Notes- Part 1

Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely...

Today I’m going to be posting up the the first half of my notes from the third talk I gave at the Last Days Bible Conference.  That talk was about a biblical understanding of tongues, healing and prophecy.  Much of the content was already available on this blog, but some of it was found in other things I’ve written (that aren’t online) or was original (or spontaneous).  My main objective in addressing the subject was to try to give, from the Bible, a definition of tongues, healing and prophecy as practice by Christ, the prophets and apostles.  There are always innumerable questions regarding these things, but a majority of them are adequately addressed by dealing with the issue on a definitional level.

The questions are always phrased: “well, such-and-such occurred, so how does your definition explain that?”


The proper question should always be: “The Bible says this is the…

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