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Rosa indica stelligera


Yesterday I changed my Gravatar to show my name and began another blog. This current blog majors on difficult things, including outreach to Catholics. My new blog is for encouragement for Christians, because as we live in the world and witness to others, we are constantly exposed to folly, cruelty, and sadness.

The new blog takes its name from a place in part 1 of Pilgrim’s Progress. In it, after climbing the Hill Difficulty, Christian stays in the Palace Beautiful to rest before going on to the Celestial City. Here is a link to my new blog. I pray it brings you refreshment. 

a palace beautiful – a resting place on the narrow way


Rosa acicularis, AKA Wild Rose, the Prickly Rose, or the Arctic Rose, Attribution I, Ravedave, 15 June 2007, Wikimedia Commons

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