Assembly Sermon – Scotland Turned Upside Down

This is the talk I gave at the Assembly today….its lengthy but some people were asking for the full text..I did not deliver it exactly to script – if you want to see the sermon then you can watch it here…the text is below.  May the Lord use it for his glory..

Assembly 2015 – Scotland Turned Upside Down

There is a Chinese curse that says ‘may you live in interesting times’. It seems as though we are cursed in Scotland. The times indeed are interesting. They are a changing. And in the church we had better start understanding them, or we too will sink like a stone, in this relentless wave of change.

The Marxist historian, Christopher Hill, wrote a magnificent book about the 17th Century English Civil War, which he entitled The World Turned Upside Down. In it he examined the radical ideas of the English revolutionaries. Those…

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