On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


Rudolf Ernst Karl Faltin (born May 21, Jul. / 2 June 1830 Greg, in Riga ; died 27 January 1918 in Riga) was a Protestant pastor and a missionary . His influence over Joseph Rabinowitz and Rudolph Herman Gurland, amongst others, shows that he himself played a remarkable role in the formation of the early Messianic Jewish movement. He is mentioned at least sixteen times in Raymond Lillevik’s important book on Gurland, Lucky and Lichtenstein, Apostates, Hybrids, or True Jews? Jewish Christians and Jewish Identity in Eastern Europe, 1860–1914.


From 1852-1855 Faltin studied theology in Dorpat (Tartu). After that, he worked for two years from 1856-58 as a parish assistant in Arkhangelsk in the evangelical community before 1859 his ordination was in Riga. He went to Chisinau (Kishinev) in the former Bessarabia (now Chisinau in Moldova ), where he held numerous spiritual tasks. He was a military chaplain working for…

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