Having your Cake and Eating It – A response to Stephen J. Graham’s polemic on the Ashers Case


Having your Cake and Eating It

I knew that after writing the article on the Asher’s case,


it would not be long before a Christian apologist for the New Order would pop up.  Sure enough I was almost immediately tweeted ““Yet another commentator who hasn’t bothered to read the judgment….” This was from a Northern Irish philosopher/theologian called Stephen. I was a bit surprised at his tweet given that he boasts, “I almost never respond to comments which are insulting to myself or others, or which question my honesty or integrity.” But I guess he does not extend that courtesy to others and just assumes the worst. When I told him that I had read it and asked him to deal with the actual points, rather than insulting me or just questioning my integrity; he went on to write the following article: https://stephenjgraham.wordpress.com/2015/05/22/the-gay-cake-debacle-a-rejoinder-to-robertson/

Stephen clearly has great faith…

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