28 May 1892 Death of Rev. C J. Goodhart after 53 years service with CMJ #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

dsc_0905 St Mary’s Wetherden, Suffolk, Goodhart’s final parish

“He was an acknowledged and unrivalled master in the interpretation of prophecy, and intensely practical withal.”

“Goodhart was no ordinary man — he dominated the Committee and ruled the missionaries with a rod of iron. Yet they all appeared to like it! For he not only thus magnified his office, but also made it honourable.” [Gidney]

I have been unable to find a photo of Rev. Charles J. Goodhart (does anyone have one?) but his character speaks for itself from the pages of Gidney’s History of CMJ:

(p273) On May 28th, 1892, the Rev. C. J. Goodhart, Honorary Secretary, passed away at the advanced age of 88, after a connexion, unofficial and official, with the Society of fifty-three years. He spoke at the 30th Anniversary in 1839 and again in 1841, and had as his fellow speakers, Edward Bickersteth, Dr. Marsh…

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