On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

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On May 29th 408, a constitution issued by Anthemius, praetorian prefect of the east, makes a curious accusation against eastern Jews; the law is subsequently incorporated into the Theodosian code, promulgated by emperor Theodosius II in 438:

Emperors Honorius and Theodosius Augustuses to Anthemius, praetorian prefect. The governors of the provinces shall prohibit the Jews from setting fire to Haman in memory of his past punishment, in a certain ceremony of their festival, and from burning with sacrilegious intent a form made to resemble the holy Cross in contempt of the Christian faith, lest they introduce the sign of our faith into their places, and they shall restrain their rites from ridiculing the Christian law, for they are bound to lose what had been permitted them till now unless they abstain from those matters which are forbidden. Given the fourth day before the calends of June at Constantinople, in theā€¦

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