Finding and Doing God’s Will — Part 2

Lamb's Harbinger

The Bible requires us to “Test the Spirits.” Because mankind is a spiritual being, he can interact with spiritual beings (other humans, God and even foul spirits). We make suggestions to ourselves, God makes suggestion to us, and evil spirits also make suggestions to us (or those who want to “counsel” us). Therefore, we must “test the spirits” to see if they are “of God” (i.e. whether or not it is counsel sent from God, thoughts sent from or in alignment with God, or unseen spirits that are sent from God).

In Decisions/Counsel:

Is it glorifying to God? Or, is it sinful?

Is it in harmony with the New Testament (grace and selfless love; NT principles & expectations from God)?

Is it edifying (building others up) or, is it self-glorifying?

Is it hurried, rushed, and impatient?

Am I weak to its potential to overcome me? Am I weak to its…

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