A Decade of Hits


decadeYesterday, May 31st, was my 10th year of blogging. Golly, how the time as flown.

On May 31st, 2005, I published my first ever blog post that introduced who I was and what I planned at the time to do with my blog. Looking back over the last decade, I think I stuck pretty close to my stated purpose.

As I was contemplating the acknowledgement of my 10th year of blogging, I thought I should share my reflections on what I have learned and experienced those past years since 2005. But, honestly, as I racked my brain to recall those reflections, I couldn’t really think of any. A better thing to do is link back to the post that I wrote highlighting my 5th year of blogging and that I reposted on my 7th year of blogging. (BTW, I lot of those links in the article take you back to…

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2 thoughts on “A Decade of Hits

  1. I appreciate Fred Butler’s blog very much! This is what I wrote on his wall:

    Ah those trolls. Personally I rather handle trolls over Twitter than on the comment section of blogs. For some reason the word limits on Twitter kind of control how much junk they could say.
    Keep on blogging brother. I think it is edifying for believers around the world.

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