ELF – Poland Day 3 – An Interesting, Encouraging, Amusing and also somewhat Disappointing and Discouraging day


This was an interesting day.  For a Christian conference it puzzles me a wee bit that the Lord’s Day is exactly like every other day. I guess with preaching and worship every day its like every day is a Sunday!   Because I had mentoring meetings and was speaking at 10am, I did not make it to the first plenary meeting with Ajith Fernando. Indeed I doubt I will be able to get to any of the main morning sessions.
I am in something called the Advanced Apologetics Network, Al is in Media, Phil in Evangelism, Tom in Evangelism and Dave in Administration networks.  I had the honour of doing the first talk in my own network.  30 minutes to speak about evangelism in Europe today, followed by 20 minute group work and 20 minutes questions.   It was good to be with old friends like Giorgios from Greece and…

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