May 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival

Excellent carnival!

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

The preparation of the May 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival was an opportunity to visit the blog site of people who write on biblical issues. As I prepared the selections for the May 2015 Carnival, I visited all the sites listed on the Complete List of Biblioblogs. What I discovered was not very encouraging.

I discovered that many people who write academic blogs have stopped writing or have posted very infrequently to their blogs. I have to confess that I could include myself in this last category of bloggers. Some bloggers who are prolific in posting to their blogs, post items that are only indirectly related to biblical studies. These bloggers may post items of interest to some people, but these posts do not provide an in-depth study of the biblical text.

There are several reasons bibliobloggers have stopped posting or have published only sporadically. One of the main reasons…

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