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On May 25, 2015, [updated 26th] I wrote an article titled, “Denouncing Time to Revive & What I Mean by Non-Denominational

In that article, I asked for a clear statement from Time to Revive that confirms they believe Jesus is the only way of salvation. Furthermore, I asked that they make a clear statement that indicates their unwillingness to partner in Christian ministry with those who “may tend to struggle with saying Jesus is THE way, THE truth and THE life, as the Evangelicals do.”

Below is Mike Swecker’s entire response, written via email. Neither Mr. Swecker’s response, nor Time to Revive’s faith statement uphold Christ’s exclusivity as Savior… or indicate that Time to Revive refuses to partner in Christian ministry with those who deny Christ as THE exclusive means of salvation. If anything, Time to Revive’s statement of faith affirms that Jesus is “a rescue” from the…

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