Why Does God Not Punish All Disobedience?

Thomistic Bent

This is another in a series of questions that have been posed by skeptics, atheists, and critics.

Question: In the Bible, God strikes down some people but does not do so today. For example, He struck down the tower of Babel. However, there are plenty of other religious objects larger than a tower that have not been struck down. Were not these other peoples’ reaching toward heaven? Why would God not strike them down also?

Answer: Actually, in the story of the tower at Babel in Genesis 11:1-9, God never destroys the tower, but He does scatter the people and confuse the languages. The passage implies they had not yet finished building, since in v.8 “they ceased building the city.” But of course this is not the point of the passage nor the question. However, it does show a common mistake that is used by critics, namely that the point…

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