ELF Poland – Day 6


 2015-06-04 10.34.042015-06-04 10.33.18
The view from the sauna window and pool!  Wisla
The final day.   I didn’t get much sleep and had the usual mentoring meeting at the ridiculous hour of 7am.  So I was pretty tired when I went to our seminar.  It was a panel discussion which was ambling along fine until a question was asked about homosexuality.  The Dutch panelist mentioned in passing that his denomination accepted active homosexuals as members (but not leaders).  I was astounded – not least the this went unchallenged.  Not for long!  Anyway the whole thing got me reflecting on the relationship between church and culture.  Maybe all of us have let the culture change the church rather than vice versa.  If the Dutch are caving in on the issue of homosexuality that is a disaster for the gospel.  But maybe the American church is still struggling with the issue of race, or the…

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