A “Thomas Movement”?

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In my previous posting (here) about Simon Gathercole’s new and valuable introduction + commentary on the Gospel of Thomas, I mentioned one or two reservations, in that posting his omission of any reference to the possible technical meaning of “the tree” in Logion 30 (of the Greek text).  The other matter I now mention is Gathercole’s repeated references to a Thomas “movement.”

The term “movement” suggests to me a body of people committed to a joint cause, and even self-identifying as such a group.  In the hope that I haven’t misunderstood Gathercole’s intended connotation, I want to query the notion that there was in second-century Christianity a Thomas “movement.”   There were, to be sure, Christians who composed and read the Gospel of Thomas.  But did they comprise a “movement” as I take the term?  I don’t share Gathercole’s apparent confidence in this. The text certainly does reflect Christians who…

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