On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

45891-Dushaw2, Amos

Dushaw, Amos I., spent the greater part of his youth in Jerusalem, Palestine [sic!], where he attended the school of the London Jews’ Society. Here the seeds of Christian truth were sown in his young [191] heart. He afterwards came to London, where he was brought into close connexion with the members of the above-mentioned society, and the germs of truth gradually grew, budded, and blossomed into faith in our Lord as his Messiah. [Bernstein]

Dushaw went to America in 1895. The following year he was baptized, upon confession of his faith in Christ, in the Fourth Congregational Church, at Hartford, Conn.

He followed Horace Greeley’s advice, “Young man, go West.” He was determined to obtain a classical education. After a hard struggle, that perseverance and determination to conquer all obstacles always a component of the Jewish character, enabled him, in 1901, to graduate from Redfield College…

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