The (True) Theory of Everything

Lamb's Harbinger

The Bible presents the truth about human existence and the universe in which we find it.

1 Created Universe

The physical universe was brought into being by the self-existing, uncaused and limitless God who can create “out of nothing.” That Creator is the 1st and the rightful King of the physical universe, and He dwells in a realm (e.g. dimension) apart from time and space, commonly called eternity or also known as the 3rd Heaven. Biblically speaking, the first heaven is our earth’s sky or atmosphere, the second heaven is beyond our atmosphere (stars and galaxies); but the 3rd Heaven is a realm, of which our physical realm is a mere silhouette. The 3rd Heaven is thus ‘parallel to’ or ‘above’ us (i.e. not accessible by non-spiritual means; see CARM).

Humankind originally fit within the universe as a Divine agency. We were initially designed by the Creator to be a regent race…

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