The Most Hateful Man I’ve Ever Come Across!

If you want to know how our new ‘tolerant, loving, liberal’ society works then let me share with you a most extraordinary 12 hours of what has amounted to intimidation, bullying and sheer vitriolic hatred.  Last night there was a twitter and FB storm against yours truly – because of our latest Quantum of Solas Podcast – especially the comments about the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner media storm.
Here are just a few samples….
“In the real world, who cares what these fascists (Solas and the Free P’s) say about anything?”
“Hate speech”
“DAR is the most hateful man I’ve ever come across.”
“Celebrity who craved pair of tits slagged off by pair of tits who crave celebrity. most popular post….”
“SOLAS is nothing but a mouthy right wing pressure group with virtually nothing to do with Jesus or Christianity.”
“Corruption ? Is DAR paying royalties for the music in his podcast?”
I put this last one in because it indicates how the new thought police try to intimidate, harass and bully.   Firstly they call you all kind of names, then they threaten you.  In this particular instance with reporting us for copyright theft.  Sadly for the individual concerned we do have a licence for playing these snippets of music.   But the threats continued.   We will report you to the press/police…

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