The SNP Councillor and the Free Church Bully

Following on from this earlier story there has been some more fall out –

I wrote the following letter to the SNP

The Scottish National Party

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to make a formal complaint against your councillor, Gregor Fisher Murray, of Dundee. I do so with a great deal of reluctance but I find his immature and hectoring behaviour inappropriate for an elected official. I am a supporter of the SNP and usually vote SNP. I live and work in the city of Dundee as the minster of St Peters Free Church (in the West End) although I live in the East. My congregation of some 250 people from all walks of live, come from all over the city.

I write regular comments on many things on my blog and we also run something called Solas Centre for Public Christianity. As such we produce…

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