How to be a Progressive, Affirming, Accepting, Welcoming… and BIBLICAL church

My church, St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, is a progressive, affirming, accepting, welcoming, biblical church. We even have a rainbow as one of our symbols! In today’s Christian jargon that is to some people a sign that we are backslidden degenerates and to others that we are just exactly the kind of modern contemporary church that today’s culture needs. It’s at that point the latter get confused. They discover that we are opposed to SSM, that we hold to the Bible’s teaching about homosexuality, and that we agree with Jesus that marriage is between a man and a woman. And lo and behold we are turned into demons. ‘Homophobic, unloving, judgemental bigots’ is the judgement made without a trace of irony.

Recently I was involved in a couple of those discussions where the superior ‘liberals’, the ones who just know they are right and everyone else is de facto…

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