Imtheists, Atheists and Trolls

Light & life

I took a course in college entitled “English from Greek and Latin Roots.”  I took it partly because I like words, but mostly because I wanted to boost my GPA with a cinchy class.  See how I took the noun cinch – “an extremely easy task” – and made it into an adjective?

It was in that class that I learned that the prefix a- means “without”.

For example, someone who is amoral is without morals.

The prefix im- also means without, but it has more to do with being the opposite or antithesis of a thing.

Whereas the person who is amoral may not be aware of proper moral conduct, the person who is immoral knows the rules and chooses to violate them.  Oblivion versus rebellion.

I’ve been observing the behaviors of a certain type of troll and I have come to the conclusion that we need a new…

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