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Kingdom Come

Sam Storms is Lead Pastor for Preaching and Vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, OK, and the President of Enjoying God Ministries. He received his Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary, known for it’s dispensational, premillennial bent on theology. And Sam Storms… is an Amillennialist. What this means is that he believes we are in the millennium now. In fact, he believes the “1,000 years” spoken of in Revelation 20.2-7 aren’t literally 1,000 years. Interested now?

Amillennialism (referred to here as “Amill-“) has been around since the early stages of Christianity, but is becoming more popular due to the works of guys like G.K. Beale, Johnson, Kim Riddlebarger, and Sam Storms (to name a few). So what’s in this book? What is “The Amillennial Alternative”?

There are 17 chapters total, but various topics covered are a definition of Dispensationalism, the Disp- view of Daniel 9, Problems with Premill-, who…

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