Christian vs Humanist view on Education on the BBC – An ‘Interesting’ Interview

I am sitting in Costas having just been in the BBC studios debating live with Gordon MacRae of the Humanist Society of Scotland on behalf of what they described as the Solas think tank!   I am a wee bit stunned because the Lord answered prayer in so many ways.  Yesterday we mentioned the importance of education at the launch of the Solas magazine and press conference in the Scottish Parliament.   We were glad that the BBC picked up on this and so I got up early and headed down to the BBC…

As I came down I received the following message: “Hi David, I was hoping you could give me some advice. Our son is 14 and just started attending our local Grammar School, for the last 3 weeks his R.E class has been showing D.V.D’s by Richard Dawkins. Our son was quite upset at the derogatory comments…

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