Book Review- Faith and Reason: Three Views (Spectrum Multiview Books)


Faith and Reason: Three ViewsFaith and Reason: Three Views (Spectrum Multiview Books), By Alan G. Padgett, Craig A. Boyd (Author), Carl Raschke (Author), Steve Wilkens(Editor). IVP Academic, 2014, 187 pp. 978-0830840403

Anyone that has been in the apologetic enterprise for any length of time knows that the topic of the relationship between faith and reason is of the utmost importance. Of course, pop atheists and the internet have portrayed faith as blind and irrational and atheism as the beckon of reason. Granted, this has been answered before.

However, that is why a book like  Faith and Reason: Three Views  is an excellent introduction to this topic. The book is a fairly short read (187 pages) and the essays are understandable. I don’t think the book is overly extensive but it is a fine resource for someone who is possibly trying to get a grasp on the various perspectives on faith and reason in Christian…

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