“Apologetics ghetto”

That’s a great little name I heard from Brett Kunkle a few weeks back, listening to Stand to Reason’s podcast. He talks about a meeting of youth leaders, and how he and only one other guy (out of about 50) were the only apologetic/worldview focused guys, training young people in that way. Worldview/apologetic focused training is a minority in the church.

Kunkle is right about us being a minority, and how small the (full time) apologetics and worldview community is, and how few the resources are. But it is even less in a less developed country. There may very well be full-time Christian apologetics and worldview operations going on, but I have not encountered or heard of them. That at the very least means they don’t have the reach, cannot broadcast their material, which doesn’t help anyone. So virtually non-existant, because unless you’re standing right next to them, you wont know they exist. I checked one website I could find, just to make sure. The “latest” was a year old, with no archives newer than eight years.

I think there’s a variety of factors that contribute to this virtually non-existent focus on apologetics and worldview. Not many asking. No one offering. Subjectivism and anti-intellectualism. Fortress/separatist mentality of the evangelical community. So I agree with Brett Kunkle again, that the apologetics and worldview community is growing, but there’s still much work to be done. I would add, especially outside of the country where all those apologetics people are.

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