June 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival

Excellent carnival!

Septuaginta &c.

BS CarnivalGet your party hats on, it’s time for the Biblical Studies carnival. For those not familiar with it, the Carnival is a monthly review of all things biblical studies going down inthe known blogosphere. If you’ve never read one before (see Claude Mariottini’s May edition), but like what you see, be sure to keep an eye on Lindsay Kennedy’s blog in a month’s time for the next one, followed by Bob MacDonald in August. If you’re interested in hosting one yourself,Phil Long at plong42@gmail.com and ask about it.

Like previous editions, I’ll attempt to subdivide interesting materials into discipline.

The Carnival

General Biblical Studies and Linguistics

Another installment of the Scholars in Press series over at Old School Script,interviewing Tania Notarius

Although the latest post was more culturally focused, it’s worth keeping your eye on Secundum Scripturas

Mike Aubrey discusses “fun data points in Greek


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