Observation of Social Media: This past June’s Heat on the Culture Wars

The Domain for Truth

sinner and preacher confront

What a month June has been. Must be something about the beginning of summer but I want to make just an observation of the heat of the so called Culture war: For or against Police, Confederate Flags, Same Sex Marriage, Christianity, Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, we’ve become a country that’s becoming super-sensitive to our detriment. We run on “You’re are offending me with your opinion and I’m going to make your life miserable!” Boycotts, lawsuits and threat of getting rid of tax exemptions are tools used and some can celebrate this without skipping a beat and hashtag “Love wins.” I think we can highly disagree without hating each other and wanting to ruin the other side’s life. For those immersed in pop culture I say this: When I see how many foolish things Confederate-flag-wearing Kayne West says and how many people can overlook what he has to say and support…

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