Daily Devotion-July 6, 2015-Signs That We Might Need Reviving

Truth in Palmyra

We are still in our study of the need for Christians to revive themselves, to turn away from where we are, and to move forward in service to The Lord. We have discussed how we fail to allow the Holy Spirit to fill us, even though He is in us; we have discussed the fact that we grieve and quench His presence in our lives. The sad, but true, thing is we do fail in this area. We are going to move forward, put some verbs in our sentences, and talk about specific areas in which individual believers and churches fail and how we might fix them.

Just a few thoughts on circumstances which exist in our lives which dampen the Holy Spirits word and indicate we need repentance and revival, then we will move on to specifics as the days go on. We might be in need of revival…

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