End of Term Report – Some Reflections for Summer


I am writing this on the plane home from Southampton – after a hectic but good weekend speaking at the Solent Gospel Partnership/FIEC conference near Portsmouth.  Its not just been a hectic weekend, but a very intense few months.  So I am enormously thankful that my Kirk Session have granted me a mini-sabbatical for the month of July, which begins this evening when I get home (this will be followed by two weeks holiday).   I will be taking a sabbatical from St Peters, Solas, speaking engagements, media work, podcasts, social media and blogging – there are some who doubt that I will have the ability/self-discipline to do that!    As this will be my final blog for at least six weeks I thought I would offer some reflections on the end of this term.
2015-07-03 11.55.14
Friday was a quite emotional day – the last of our last child’s days in…

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