Not a Rhetorical Trick

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rhettty rickThe Origin of the Assertion

If there is one thing that presuppositionalists have become known for, it is their assertion that “Atheists do not exist.” While the assertion is well known, however, the reasons for the assertion are typically not known by professing atheists. Some have argued that the assertion is nothing more than a cheap rhetorical trick. The complaint runs something like this:

“Christian apologists say ‘Atheists don’t exist’ in order to halt further conversation about the reasons why there actually are atheists. By making the claim, these apologists are refusing to engage, running away from critically assessing their own beliefs, etc…”

Now, in all fairness, I can agree that some professing Christians behave in this manner. Not everyone is a critical thinker, so there are some among Christians who approach serious conversations about the existence or non-existence of atheists in an unreflective manner.

However, not all Christians are…

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