Parents Should Be Given a Real Choice in Education – Scotsman Article

David is on sabbatical until August 17th and will not be replying to comments:  This is his latest article in the Scotsman and some of the correspondence that followed”

IT’S time for politicians in Scotland to stand up to the secularist education establishment argues David Robertson

Tony Blair once issued the mantra “education, education, education”. It seems as though Scotland’s political parties are beginning to wake up to the fact that all is not well in Scotland’s education system. There is a real and well-founded concern about declining standards, lack of aspiration and above all a kind of educational apartheid which means that if you are rich enough you can either send your child to a private school (as do one third of Edinburgh parents) or buy a house in the catchment area of a “good” school.

As well as the cold facts and figures there are the ongoing…

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