Psalm 1:2-3 – “Like a Tree”

Reading Acts

[NB:  I am teaching through some of the wisdom Psalms this summer at Rush Creek, so I thought I would use some of this material here.]

In Psalm 1:2-3 the one who is actively avoiding fools delights themselves with the Law of the Lord. The Word of the Lord is the delight for the blessed person. The noun is used in the wisdom literature for things which bring you joy.  This is a remarkable description, since the most un-joyful time in a typical worship service is the Scripture reading, and perhaps the sermon itself.

Palms at Lake TuendaeMeditating on the word of the Lord is to think deeply or dwell on his word. The verb has the sense of muttering in a low voice, and is sometimes associated with reciting a text to oneself. The implication is the Word of the Lord is memorized and turned over in the mind slowly and carefully.


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