Get Impatient

Beautiful Life with Cancer

We, as christians, as humans, should be extremely irritated with this world! Even things that are not sin, are messed up. It has all been impacted by the curse.

I can not stroke a lion’s man because that got messed up for me. My apple tree has no apples and has some fungal speckles all over the leaves. Picnics can get all together ruined by mosquitoes.

And then it gets even more personal than my backyard. Cancer. No one sinned that I should have Cancer, but I live in a fallen world. A world that is not how it should be. And sometimes it is just quite irritating. And irritated, impatient, upset, even angry is as I should be.

I used to struggle with the story about Jesus cursing the fig tree. Why couldn’t he be more patient? Hmmm…let’s just skip over that story.

And then I realize, Jesus never…

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