Free Church attacks broadcasters’ questioning of new LibDem leader

A leading Scottish churchman is accusing UK broadcasters of conducting a witch hunt against new Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, solely because of his Christian beliefs.  The Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, Rev David Robertson, has been angered by the BBC and Channel 4’s treatment of the politician.

He said that BBC Radio Four’s John Humphreys “wouldn’t dare” probe Nick Clegg’s atheism and how it would affect his leadership of the party, in the way Mr Farron has faced repeated questioning on his faith. Mr Robertson encouraged Christians across the UK to particularly pray for politicians in leadership positions who are bearing the brunt of an “intolerant, authoritarian and anti-Christian” society.

He said: “John Humphreys would never badger Nick Clegg about the impact his atheism would have on his decision making.“Nor would Channel 4 repeatedly challenge the former Lib Dem…

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