Humility ~ Part 1

My Heart is for Israel


In my last post, we finally finished the series on the Commands of Yeshua. In this post, we will begin to explore the Godly characteristic of humility. For those that really know me, they are probably wondering why I would even begin to attempt this topic! I certainly don’t have much of a reputation for being humble.

Confessions of a Self-Centered Man

I have recently come out of my denial and now freely admit that most of my life has been spent as an extremely self-centered man. It’s all about me! My over-eating and anger issues are a primary function of my engrained self-centeredness.

I’m not proud of this at all. But, with the power of my Savior Yeshua and His indwelling Ruach, I know in my heart that I have embarked on a recovery journey to transform and renew my mind and my actions to incorporate the Godly character…

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