Tolerance by secularists

Continuing the secularists campaign against the Trussell Trust, Alistair McBay wrote the following letter in The Courier on the 27th of July.  Davids response on the 29th follows:

Sir, – I expected the customary fire and brimstone from the Free Church minister David Robertson over the Dundee foodbank and its discriminatory employment policies. But as usual he is wrong on many points.

It would be illegal for secularists to discriminate in a similar vein as he suggests, quite apart from the fact that many Christians, Muslims and Jews also consider themselves to be secular.I am sure we would select the best candidate in any case. After all, the vulnerable deserve better than to be denied the best on dubious grounds. It speaks volumes that it is religious people, not secularists, who demand exemptions from equality legislation.

Second, my organisation is not a charity and is funded by…

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