We’re Still Not Bowing | The Cripplegate

On July 19th, John MacArthur preached a sermon entitled We Will Not Bow.


It got no small notice online and has been posted all around the internet (and ‘the internet’ means ‘Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat’).  I listened to the sermon a few days ago and, like many, found it to be a biblical breath of fresh air in what is quickly becoming an unsettling age.

MacArthur placed the recent supreme court decision in the light of spiritual reality.  He commented on how Satan is behind the attack against the family in all its fronts (feminism, the sexual revolution, abortion, same-sex marriage, transgenderism, etc.).  He reminded Christians that what they’re seeing is neither new nor abnormal.  He went through several sections of the Old Testament and commented on how all the issues that we see today were all issues in Israel: homosexuality, transvestism, etc.  He talked at length about various sexual issues as they were addressed in both the Old and New Testaments, and then commented on how those same issues have arisen to the forefront of public affairs in the last few decades.  He quickly walked through Romans 1 and then, when he got to Romans 1:32Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), he stated that the reprobate mind is taking over our culture and will demand compliance.  Before moving on to preach from 2 Thessalonians 1, MacArthur talked gave examples of Romans 1:32Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) that are already occurring or coming soon: churches losing their tax exempt status, Christian colleges losing their accreditation for not accepting the new morality, etc.

His sermon shocked everyone who listened.

Okay.  I tell a lie.

It didn’t shock anyone.  It agitated everyone.

Okay.  I tell a lie.

It agitated one person. Shockingly, it was Joel McDurmon over at American Vision.

Okay.  I tell a lie.

I’m not shocked at all.  Someone at American Vision tends to get upset every time John MacArthur says anything.  MacArthur breathes too premillennially.

McDurmon recorded his thoughts in an article over at American Vision.  I’ll summarize the article for you:

1.  McDurmon opened by summarizing the sermon as being “about social decline in general over the past decades” and went after MacArthur’s “worldview of premillennial defeat and pessimism in history”.

2.  McDurmon suggested that MacArthur’s defeatism and pessimism comes as “a consequent belief of the premillennial worldview” where Satan reigns on earth and Jesus doesn’t reign, at least “in any significant way”, until the Millennium.

3.  McDurmon corrected MacArthur’s theological puerility, saying “First, Satan does not hold this world in his hands, and he does not rule the world.”  McDurmon’s reason was that Jesus said he had all power in Matthew 28:18Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) and also because Jesus said that Satan was going to be cast out in John 12:31Open in Logos Bible Software (if available).  In other words, MacArthur has some basic facts about Satan dead wrong.

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