Another One Bites the Dust – The Secularist Attack on Christianity Exposed Again – Letters in the Scotsman – July 31st 2015

Alistair McBay continues his campaign against the Trussell Trust and Christianity in public life.  This letter was published in the Scotsman

I applaud the work done by the Trussell Trust and all other charities, along with the donating public, on alleviating hardship or protecting the vulnerable (Letters, 29 July).

It is all the more a shame therefore that both the trust and its most vocal supporter, the 
Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, have sought to 
justify the discriminatory stance in its arrangements for dispensing charity to society’s most vulnerable.

It is no surprise that the Reverend David Robertson does 
this, since he campaigns constantly for the right of Christians to discriminate (while, of 
course, simultaneously arguing that they should never be discriminated against), but the donating public have rights too, not least of which is the right to expect that charities enjoying tax benefits from the public purse…

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