Beyond the Abortion Wars

Alastair's Adversaria

The subject of abortion has been an extremely live one over the last few weeks, as the public has been shocked by a series of secretly recorded videos that have challenged both the legality and the morality of the practices of Planned Parenthood in the US. As Planned Parenthood has come under attack, many of its opponents have understandably been pressed to articulate their alternative and to present a vision that takes seriously the concerns of those who fear that the interests and needs of women will be jeopardized or undermined by any resistance to abortion.

A few months ago, the Mere Fidelity crew had the privilege of interviewing Professor Charles Camosy, the author of the recent book Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward For a New Generation, which could not be a more timely work for the present context. I wanted to take the opportunity to remind those…

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