Lamb's Harbinger

Series Continued fromMark 1:14 — 3:12 | The Authority of Jesus as Messiah, the Son ofGod

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VIII. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. (2:1-13)

A Jesus calls & spends time with cheats, poor, outcasts, low-lifes, and sinners because He came to call sinners to repentance. (2:14-22)

B. The hopeless need hope. (2:14-17)

C. The whole do not need a physician (2:14-17)

IX. Jesus has authority that supersedes any tradition, ritual or law. (2:18-28 — 3:6)

A. Fasting (vv. 18-20) is only to be done by believers who do not have Jesus physically with them. [That’s us.]

B. The Gospel of God’s Kingdom cannot be contained in the old laws and traditions (vv. 21-22)

C. The Son of Man is Lord, even of the Sabbath. (2: 23-28 — 3:6)

i. The Sabbath was made for the benefit of man. Man was…

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